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                               Beer and Wine 


             Beer Pairings:        

Brown ale beer goes well with a caramelized dish.


Pale ale is not as bitter as other ales and will cut through your food with its citrus, clear taste.




             Wine Pairings:  

Hint:   Each bottle of wine has approximately 5 servings.



Pinot Noir with concentrated fruit and easy on tannins. Perfect for introducing wine or for guests who prefer a lighter red.


Zinfandel is fuller bodied and may be preferred by the experienced wine drinker.


Beaujolais Nouveau - Light fruity cherry tones that are not overwhelming and compliment the Thanksgiving menu. (Best served slightly chilled).



Riesling is lower alcohol content and high acidity to cut through the rich foods on your table.


Pino Grigio has clean, fruit forward flavors; perfect for cleaning the palate before the next bite!